Introduction : My name is Yap Shaw Hong, my pseudonym is rajamango, I am involved in art and advertising industry with more than a decade (since 1997), mostly engaged in the design, animation, illustration and multimedia work. I’m a person who love painting and creative. I’m uninterrupted participation in various activities in the past, such as design competition assessors, organizing art exhibitions as well as some schools organize painting activities and speech forum and etc. My ideal in a variety of ways to promote local art and design, so that they have greater creative space and value.

简介: 我的全名是叶诏峰Yap Shaw Hong,笔名是rajamango。我本身涉及美术与广告业界有十多年(自1997年起),大多从事设计,动画,插画及多媒体的工作。我是一个热爱绘画与创作的人,在过去不间断的参与各种活动,比如设计比赛评审员,筹办美术展览以及为一些学校举办绘画活动与演讲座谈会等等。以各种方式来推动本地美术与设计,让它们有更大的创造空间与价值。